Extra large Moai sculpture

Extra large Moai sculpture

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Now you can get Tiki carvings larger than life.  This monster stands over 8 ft tall!

Tiki Rancher uses EPS foam to carve tikis in sizes not easily attainable with wood.  The sculptures are covered in an epoxy hard coat for years of durability.   Each piece is hand carved and hand painted in either wood or stone finish.  Custom colors are available as well.    

Our process is simple:

1. Pick a design you like from wherever, contact the Rancher and send the picture.  Hawaiian, Marquesan and Moai are the most popular.  

2. The Rancher will reach back with a sketch and confirm dimensions.  If you agree a 50% deposit will be the cost to get it in the cue.  We will give you an estimate of completion and shipping or pick up details.  Usually 2-3 weeks 

3. Your custom giant tiki shows up at your tiki bar or pool deck ready to party.