New TR concept opens in Harvard Square

Wusong Road opened recently in Cambridge Mass.  Tiki Rancher  to concept the tiki bar above the Chinese deli below.  This place started with an amazing historic building in the heart of Cambridge. The concept came from the owners idea of doing something SE Asia and the design which led to Angkor Wat and monkey temples in my head.  Concepting the entry was the most important part of this journey into the bar upstairs.  The patron has to climb a staircase that comes up through a giant banyan tree and up to an ancient stone wall. In the grown over wall is a carved stone header of the original 3 wise monkeys relief from 17th century Japan.  At the top of the stairs you notice a 10ft monkey totem hidden amongst the jungle. 

Once you enter the bar you are taken away from the busy streets of Cambridge and into a tropical hideaway.  Thatched awnings cover areas to eat and drink and a full thatched hut disguises the service bar.  Details are everywhere.  Please visit when you get a chance - this is one of my favorite projects


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