New Tiki Bar in Atlanta - Tiki Tango

Tiki Rancher just completed a 6 month concept design and build out of this three story tiki oasis in the heart of midtown.  Completely handcrafted and 100% Tiki Rancher.  Each level of the bar has its own feel and name.  The top floor is the Flamingo room with an adjacent deck that goes outside and downstairs.  The Main deck hosts the VIP lounge "The Tiger's Den" with a fireplace and amazing artifacts. The Tango room is in the basement and is a subterranean rock walled place to get wild.  Full dance floor and red lighting highlights the original rock foundation walls. 

Tiki Rancher also carved 6 large tikis for this project.  Two nine foot cedar columns are at the center of the design along with a very special Ku carving on the end of the room surrounded by over 650 red abalone shells.  Two golden Marquesan tikis flank the main bar and another palm marquesan is the center of the Tango room bar. 

The main theme for the design was to highlight the 1925 bungalow's history with design elements from deco to mid century and tiki cultures.  Custom swizzle sticks, mugs and even the menu was illustrated by Tiki Rancher.  



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